Inside a Canning Factory

A canning factory in Portugal also is responsible for designing and marketing the final product—not just putting the fish in the tins.

Tinned fish isn’t only a delicacy in Portugal. It’s also a traditional way of life that’s adapting to the times. Whenever friends visit us in Portugal, we suggest canned fish as the perfect souvenir to take back to their family and friends. Not only is it completely delicious (way better than canned tuna at home) […]

The Top 8 Seafood Restaurants in Lisbon (for Every Price Range!)

The seafood counter at Páteo do Avillez

From holes in the wall to Michelin-caliber cuisine, these are the Lisbon’s best restaurants for seafood and fish. Few things are better than a feast plucked straight from the sea. Any guidebook (and a vintage Parts Unknown) will point you toward Cervejaria Ramiro. It’s worth the hype—and the inevitable line of tourists waiting to get in […]

The Best Seafood in Lisbon: The 8 Dishes You HAVE To Try

Garlic shrimp, a Lisbon seafood dish.

Portugal’s capital is one of the best cities on earth for fish and other delicacies from the sea. Don’t leave Lisbon without sampling some of the specialties. Portugal has a long coastline and a long history being seafarers. It’s no surprise that the Portuguese know all the best ways to cook fish and seafood. The […]