Enchanted by Saudade: My Love Letter to Lisbon

Ellis is an expert on Lisbon and the art of saudade. Here she is celebrating Portuguese Carnival.

This post is part of our Love Letter series: first-person accounts of what we love about Lisbon. What you already know about Lisbon is that the weather is bright and cheerful, it’s pretty inexpensive, and you’ve probably even heard of fado. That’s what I knew about the city before I landed here eight years ago, but what […]

What Time Do People Eat in Portugal?

Wondering what time do people eat in Portugal? If it's late afternoon, it's time for lanche, the Portuguese meal between lunch and dinner.

Wondering what time do people eat in Portugal? While there’s no one watching the clock, it’s always good to know the best time to walk into your local restaurant or café. So what time do people eat in Portugal? There might be strict meal schedules during the week, but when the weekend comes, it’s a […]

5 Places to Eat Churros in Lisbon All Year Long

You definitely need to enjoy churros in Lisbon at Guilty by Olivier!

You’re never too old to eat churros in Lisbon. This delicious pastry is usually a summertime treat, but if you’re craving them now, we’ve got you covered! Spanish or Portuguese—the jury is still out on who invented churros. One thing is certain: we both love eating them! In Spain, it’s perfectly acceptable to eat churros […]

Michelin Star Restaurants in Lisbon: To Go or Not to Go

Japanese and Portuguese flavors come together elegantly at Midori, one of our absolute favorite Michelin star restaurants in Lisbon.

Our answer is, yes, go for it! Fine dining at one of Lisbon’s Michelin-starred restaurants is a great way to experience a different side of the city’s food scene. Grazing or feasting on street food will always be a great way to get to know a city. But in Lisbon, the high-end restaurants that have […]

Behind the Bite: Bifana

This post is part of our Behind the Bite series, deep dives into the dishes that we can’t stop thinking about. Garlic-flavored pork with hints of spice and rustic bread in each bite make the bifana our go-to snack in Lisbon. When thinking about eating in Lisbon, images of bacalhau (codfish) and seafood usually come […]

Behind the Bite: Salt Cod

This post is part of our Behind the Bite series, deep dives into the dishes that we can’t stop thinking about. Portugal may be known for delicacies that come straight from the sea, but its most famous seafood is far from fresh. If you’ve spent any time in Lisbon, you’ve probably encountered a common menu […]

Lisbon Then & Now: Tascas

Tasca do Chico façade, one of the typical tascas in Lisbon Bairro Alto

When in Lisbon, there’s no better place than a tasca to have lunch while feeling the city’s beating pulse. Lisbon has changed and so have tascas since they opened in the late 19th century. But for someone visiting the city for the first time, these family-owned tavern-like eateries look frozen in time. And overwhelming. The […]

Ordering in Portugal: The 10 Things You Need to Know

People eating and others waiting for a table at Cervejaria Trindade in Lisbon

Ordering in Portugal is not rocket science, but it does take some understanding of the country’s eating culture and habits. Having a meal is more than a basic need—it truly is a cultural event, even if it’s just lunch with friends. From understanding the menu before ordering to asking for the check, we at Devour […]

6 Tips to Eat Like a Local in Lisbon

Quinta dos Loridos is one of the best Lisbon wineries, specializing in sparkling white wines like the ones pictured here.

Even if staying for a short time, you want to feel deeply connected with your destination. Part of that connection comes through food. On these six tips to eat like a local in Lisbon, we at Devour Lisbon are focusing on cultural eating habits. Eating like a local in the Portuguese capital means enjoying a […]