Get in the Holiday Spirit at the 5 Best Christmas Markets in Lisbon

The best Christmas markets in Lisbon bring all the classic holiday cheer despite the warmer-than-usual weather.

Want to avoid the cold, gray winters of other holiday destinations? Portugal presents the perfect alternative, with warmer weather and all kinds of festive attractions. Here’s where to find the best Christmas markets in Lisbon! Lisbon is known for its colorful buildings, sunny skies and proximity to the sea, painting a picture of the ideal […]

Grocery Stores in Lisbon: Know Where to Go and What to Buy

Façade of Manteigaria Silva, one of the must-visit grocery stores in Lisbon

If there is one calling card Lisbon is famous for, and effortlessly, is food. Our guide for foodies shows you which grocery stores in Lisbon to go to and why! Walk down any cobblestoned street in the historic center of Lisbon and count how many roasted chestnut vendors (in the winters), salted codfish stands, canned […]

Lisbon Market Guide: What You Need to Know to Shop Like a Local

Mercado da Ribeira is also one of Lisbon's best places to buy flowers

Lisbon markets are the heart of community life. Why shop at a neighborhood market instead of a supermarket? It comes down to the produce and the people. The products are local and seasonal, which translates to better quality—and they’re even more affordable. Shoppers run into familiar faces and catch up over the peppers. There’s no […]

Top 4 Must-Visit Food Markets in Lisbon

Time Out Market/Mercado da Ribeira is one of the must-visit Lisbon food markets

Visiting a Lisbon food market is one of the most authentic ways to get under the city’s cultural skin. A Lisbon food market is the perfect place to gauge locals’ grocery shopping habits and preferred chitchat topics. Prepare to leave any of these four markets in Lisbon with suggestions for your next meal, updates on […]