5 Perfect Ways to Make the Most of Lisbon in the Rain

Red tram on rails in Lisbon

When exploring a new city, there is no such thing as bad or good weather.  The Portuguese capital’s beauty stands out as much on gray days as it does in countless weeks of sunshine. There’s no need to run for the shelter of your hotel room once you start to feel a few drops—in fact, […]

Lisbon Then & Now: Trams

It’s hard to imagine there was ever a Lisbon without trams. Today, these yellow streetcars are so iconic they became one of the city’s main attractions. Lisbon is full of narrow streets, and to reach them you’ll often need the tram, or as we Portuguese call it, the elétrico. Before they became the background of […]

Lisbon Tram 28: 9 Things You Need to Know

Riding an iconic yellow tram is one of the most popular things to do in Lisbon.

The clattering mustard-yellow trams are one of Lisbon’s most iconic symbols. Anyone visiting Lisbon will stop and turn to the sound of a tram squealing its way on the rails through traffic. These antique electric vehicles are the city’s most photographed public transportation and Lisbon tram 28 is the star among them. Before hopping on […]