Inside a Canning Factory

A canning factory in Portugal also is responsible for designing and marketing the final product—not just putting the fish in the tins.

Tinned fish isn’t only a delicacy in Portugal. It’s also a traditional way of life that’s adapting to the times. Whenever friends visit us in Portugal, we suggest canned fish as the perfect souvenir to take back to their family and friends. Not only is it completely delicious (way better than canned tuna at home) […]

Behind the Bite: Sardines

There's nothing we love more than digging into a plate of tasty, healthy sardines!

The oily, spiny fish are a surprise favorite of the Portuguese throughout the year—but never more so than in June. Portuguese seafood is ridiculously good. It’s no wonder that Lisboetas love everything that comes from the ocean. And Portugal is still a place where people eat seasonally, so there’s a respect for the rhythms of […]