Lisbon Then & Now: The Local Economy

The Vasco de Gama bridge is an icon of 2000s confidence in Lisbon's local economy.

As the capital of Portugal, the history of Lisbon’s local economy mirrors that of its mother country. It’s a tale that takes in empire, trading, earthquakes, collapse, and rejuvenation. Photo Credit: Images Money, Text Overlay: Devour Lisbon Food Tours A City by the Sea If one thing defines Lisbon’s history, it’s the sea. From its beginnings […]

Top 10 Lisbon Restaurants You Need To Try

Lisbon is fortunate. When it comes to food, this city has the best of both worlds: land, and sea. It’s hard to get bored of Portuguese cuisine. Starting with the petiscos. These small dishes cover all types of seafood, from codfish to clams, and a few meat dishes like the pica-pau. As tourism grows in […]

Lisbon Then & Now: Coffee and Café Culture

You can find some of the freshest espresso and best coffee in Lisbon at The Mill.

Most of the times in Lisbon, meeting up for coffee has nothing to do with actually drinking coffee. In fact, many times people will order something else. Figuring out how to order coffee in Portugal and get it right the first time might take some time of adjustment. The Portuguese prefer their caffeine fix in […]

Behind the Bite: Salt Cod

This post is part of our Behind the Bite series, deep dives into the dishes that we can’t stop thinking about. Portugal may be known for delicacies that come straight from the sea, but its most famous seafood is far from fresh. If you’ve spent any time in Lisbon, you’ve probably encountered a common menu […]

Behind the Bite: Pastéis de Nata

This post is part of our Behind the Bite series, deep dives into the dishes that we can’t stop thinking about. If you really want to get under the skin of Lisbon, head to a pastelaria. In every neighborhood of the city, old ladies brush shoulders with hipsters, inspecting the mind-boggling array of pastries laid out […]

10 Ways To Know You’re Completely Obsessed with Lisbon

It started as a short trip and turned into love. Here are 10 ways to know you’re completely obsessed with Lisbon. Eventually, short trips turned longer. The local custard tarts are now your favorite go-to snack. You fell in love with the ever-present sun, friendly locals, and soul-soothing food at first meeting. Now you’re completely consumed […]

Lisbon Then & Now: Trams

It’s hard to imagine there was ever a Lisbon without trams. Today, these yellow streetcars are so iconic they became one of the city’s main attractions. Lisbon is full of narrow streets, and to reach them you’ll often need the tram, or as we Portuguese call it, the elétrico. Before they became the background of […]

Hidden Lisbon: Mouraria

view of Miradouro Senhora do Monte from Martim Moniz Centro Comercial in Mouraria, Lisbon

The birthplace of Fado and the home of the most culturally diverse community in Lisbon is still off most tourists’ maps. They’re missing out! Mouraria is a tough neighborhood to pinpoint on a map but ask the locals who live there, and they have no trouble explaining to you that the oddly shaped neighborhood is […]