Top 10 Lisbon Restaurants with a View

When it comes to Lisbon restaurants with a view, you can't get much better than Lumi, both as far as food and views go.

With its golden sunlight, sparkling river and many hilltops, Lisbon is full of beautiful views. Here’s where to enjoy them along with top-notch food. Portugal’s capital is almost achingly lovely. After years of living here, we still find our breath taken away when we turn certain corners or come upon certain views. And the city’s […]

Vegan Food in Lisbon: Our Ultimate Guide

With bright, beautiful dishes and a commitment to helping guests eat well, Eight is easily one of our top spots for vegetarian food in LIsbon.

Veganism arrived in Lisbon only a short while ago. But when it landed on the dining scene, it did so in a big way. Portugal is known for its fish, seafood, pork, and cheese. But vegetables? Not so much. Until a couple of years ago, your best hope of finding a vegetable was to order […]

Hidden Lisbon: Tapada das Necessidades

Looking for a place to do picnics in Lisbon? Tapada das Necessidades has the perfect setting for it!

Portuguese royalty always had privileged access to Tapada das Necessidades, and while the park is open to all now, it remains one of Lisbon’s best-kept secrets. It’s just a few steps away from Cemitério dos Prazeres, the last stop of tram 28, but only a handful of tourists make it to Tapada das Necessidades. We […]

Vegetarian Food in Lisbon: Our Ultimate Guide

Cafe Janis is one of our favorite spots for vegetarian food in Lisbon, with plenty of veggie-friendly dishes available on the menu.

Portugal is known for its seafood and black pork, but Lisbon’s vegetarian scene is rapidly picking up steam. Truth be told, Portugal has never been known as a vegetarian paradise, and it probably never will be. The coastline is too rich in fish, and the interior is rich in beef. But in cosmopolitan Lisbon, there’s […]

Behind the Bite: Sardines

There's nothing we love more than digging into a plate of tasty, healthy sardines!

The oily, spiny fish are a surprise favorite of the Portuguese throughout the year—but never more so than in June. Portuguese seafood is ridiculously good. It’s no wonder that Lisboetas love everything that comes from the ocean. And Portugal is still a place where people eat seasonally, so there’s a respect for the rhythms of […]

Behind the Bite: Bifana

This post is part of our Behind the Bite series, deep dives into the dishes that we can’t stop thinking about. Garlic-flavored pork with hints of spice and rustic bread in each bite make the bifana our go-to snack in Lisbon. When thinking about eating in Lisbon, images of bacalhau (codfish) and seafood usually come […]

Hidden Lisbon: Where to Find Roman Ruins

A guide ducking while showing the underground Roman galleries in Lisbon

Taking a look at Lisbon now, it’s hard to envision the city as part of the Ancient Roman Empire. But there are plenty of traces of Roman influence scattered around the Portuguese capital. Some you’ll find in plain sight, while others you have to go a little deeper literally. There’s one, in particular, that’s so […]

Lisbon Then & Now: The Local Economy

The Vasco de Gama bridge is an icon of 2000s confidence in Lisbon's local economy.

As the capital of Portugal, the history of Lisbon’s local economy mirrors that of its mother country. It’s a tale that takes in empire, trading, earthquakes, collapse, and rejuvenation. Photo Credit: Images Money, Text Overlay: Devour Lisbon Food Tours A City by the Sea If one thing defines Lisbon’s history, it’s the sea. From its beginnings […]