Lisbon on a Budget: Our Top 6 Cheap Eats in Lisbon

No need to dig deep into your pockets, we’re showing you to the best cheap eats Lisbon has to offer!

On the whole, Lisbon is a cheap city, but like most European capitals, it’s also packed with tourist traps. We’ve scouted around the city for budget-friendly meals, so you won’t have to crawl into a McDonald’s.

Lesson number one: skip the olives and bread, they’re not free. Now, that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s show you some of our favorite cheap eats in Lisbon.

If you're looking for cheap eats in Lisbon, you've come to the right place. Here are 6 of our favorite bites that won't break the bank!

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1. Zé da Mouraria – Big Portions to Share

Don’t let the prices fool you, at Zé da Mouraria one portion feeds at least two, if not more!

This local favorite has two locations, one in Mouraria and the other at Campo Mártires da Pátria. The first one is only open for lunch and the second just for dinner.

The menu changes every day, but there’s always a good selection of meat and fish. Here at Devour Lisbon, we love their pepper steak and the roasted codfish.

If there are leftovers at the end, there’s no shame in asking for a takeaway box! Whichever restaurant you pick, make sure to arrive early to guarantee a table or book it in advance.

If you're looking for cheap eats in Lisbon, try Zé da Mouraria. Their large portions, pictured here, can feed at least three!
One dish feeds at least three at Zé da Mouraria!

2. A Provinciana – A Budget-Friendly Menu

Come lunchtime locals head to Provinciana for their daily special, aka Prato do Dia, the plate of the day!

This family-run restaurant is a hidden gem in an area full of tourist traps. Américo and his daughter manage the service, while mom, Judite, is in charge of the kitchen.

Every day she cooks a classic Portuguese dish. On Mondays, there’s Arroz de Cabidela (chicken with blood rice), on Tuesdays, Chanfana (goat stew), Wednesdays Feijoada (bean and meat stew), Thursdays, the Cozido à Portuguesa (traditional stew with meat and vegetables) and so on.

Even at dinner, €10 will go a long way here!

Insider’s tip: For lunch arrive before 1 p.m. or you might need to wait in line.

3. Taberna da Casa do Alentejo – Affordable Petiscos

We already disclosed Casa do Alentejo as one of our favorite hidden restaurants in Lisbon.

There are two restaurants inside this former casino, but if you’re eating on a budget, the small tavern downstairs will do just fine.

Here, you can order traditional petiscos from the Alentejo region at affordable prices.

The soup of the day is only €2, and you can pair it with a sandwich for less than €5. For larger portions, you can order the daily special that costs between €6 and €7.

We recommend going on Tuesdays for the Pica-pau de Vitela (little chunks of veal) or Wednesdays for the Choco Frito (fried cuttlefish).

4. Rosa da Rua – All-You-Can-Eat Buffet

If you want a feast at a low cost, Rosa da Rua is the place to go!

The restaurant serves an all-you-can-eat buffet nearly every day for lunch and dinner.

On Wednesdays, it’s Cozido day, a traditional Portuguese dish made with a mix of vegetables, meat, and smoked sausage. Not everyone likes it though, so it’s up to you if you want to skip that day.

The lunch buffet costs €11 or €14 if it’s Wednesday. For dinner, it’s always €14.50.

If you're looking for cheap eats in Lisbon, Rosa da Rua offers a great all-you-can-eat buffet, as pictured here!
There’s plenty of food to try at the buffet of Rosa da Rua! Photo credit: angel3201

5. Cantinho do Aziz – A Taste of Mozambique

Cantinho do Aziz has brought the flavors of Mozambique to the heart of Mouraria.

Aziz set up the restaurant back in the 80s, and it’s still in the family today.

Simple food with a touch of spice draws locals and tourists to this small eatery every day.

You must try their delicious samosas and the Bakra Piripiri, a spicy lamb dish with vegetables and coconut rice. To save money, come here at lunch and order the menu of the day!

Looking for cheap eats in Lisbon? Cantinho do Aziz is the best place to go for a delicious spicy meal like the one pictured here.
If you enjoy spicy food, you must try Cantinho do Aziz. Photo credit: rafaela.marquesc

6. The Food Temple – A Treat For Vegetarians

Ordering vegetarian food in Portugal wasn’t always easy. You would probably get a salad, but that’s pretty much it. Today, the city is full of veggie-friendly spots.

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One of our favorite vegetarian restaurants in Lisbon is The Food Temple. Behind the restaurant is Alice Ming, a Canadian with Chinese heritage, who brings a mix of Asian and Portuguese flavors to the table.

It’s hard to recommend a single dish because the menu is always changing, but trust us, it’s worth the visit!

Insider’s tip: The restaurant is small, so make sure to book in advance.

Bonus: Sample Lisbon’s Street Food

Eating on the go is the best way to spare your budget in Lisbon. Try the prego (beef sandwich) or the bifana (pork sandwich) from a local café, and you won’t spend more than €3!

Check out our Lisbon street food guide, so you know where to get them and other delicious Portuguese treats for cheap.

Pregos are part of the traditional Lisbon street food scene.
On bread or on the plate, the Prego is one of Lisbon’s local delicacies. Photo credit: gilguimaraes_
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